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Crypto Faucets Beginner Guide

Ok! So here we go,

This guide will get you started with claiming some cypto coin. We’re not going to be looking at all of the "alt coins" this time around, however we will cover a few top coins.

To get started, if you don't know what cyrptocurrency is then please just do a google search and read up on them. A lot can change in a short time so please just focus on a few coins at a time. It will be easier to earn more coin with a few options than it would with trying to get all that you hear about. These coins that you get can be easily be transferred to the coin of your choice in an exchange. More on that later but please keep in mind that just because a coin is cheap does not mean it is worthless :)

You may also hear the term satoshi or sat for short. This is the measure of Bitcoin in the one hundred millionth, such as 15 sat = .00000015 of a Bitcoin. Other coins have their own measurement like LTC = Litoshi etc. It does not seem like much now but it adds up quickly regardless of your favorite coin.

Now onto the meat and potatoes sprinkled with referral links:

First off you will need to join Coinpot.co (links below) Just sign up and validate your email, that’s really it for this site. Your earnings will be deposited to this site so please use something you will remember. This site also has 2FA (2 factor authentication) if you want that extra security to use your smartphone as a password generator.

Next up is all the "faucet" sites Coinpot offers. Note that you may not get much at first but after the bonuses and if you log in and claim at least once a day it really, really adds up fast. 100% loyalty bonus is such a great thing and if you can get your friends on there too you'll earn commissions but it is not needed in order to score some coin.

So what is a faucet site?

Faucet sites are ones that pay you a small amount of coin for either viewing ads or simply claiming every few minutes and completing a captcha. The thing to remember here is that they make their money by people clicking on ads, feel free to do so but in this guide it is not needed and a random popup will happen sooner or later while claiming.  Just stick to the claim now button and you’ll be all set.

Now that you know what a faucet is, let’s look at other things you may encounter:

·         Ad’s – there is no way around this, you will be presented with banners, popups and pop unders from time to time. Just stay smart and claim your coins, no need to follow any of them unless you feel frisky and something catches your attention.

·         Malware/viruses – Again no way around this as some ad popup’s may include crappy wannabe viruses that try and steal your PC’s CPU power for mining, The best way to avoid this is to install a good anti-virus with real time protection and exclude certain sites as needed. Especially if you will be mining.

·         Fluctuation in earnings – This is to be expected as the price goes up on a coin the earning goes down. Naturally the reverse is also in effect. Do not be discouraged as you are still in a winning situation.

Lets get started by signing up to Coinpot,

Coinpot Links:

Coinpot.co - Sign up here then proceed to the following to start claiming.

MoonDash - Dash Coin - Claim every 5 minutes

MoonDoge - Doge Coin - Claim every 5 minutes

MoonLite - Lite Coin - Claim every 5 minutes

MoonCash - Bit Coin Cash - Claim every 5 minutes

MoonBit - Bit Coin - Claim every 5 minutes

BitFun - Bit Coin - Open the offers page and you can claim from the faucet every 3 minutes

BonusBitCoin - Bit Coin - Claim every 15 minutes with a daily bonus

These sites deposit directly into your Coinpot account. Once you meet the payout threshold you can withdraw to your wallet of choice. Many online and offline wallets are available and Coinpot also gives you the option to withdraw directly to a select few exchanges. If you need a good suggestion for online/offline wallets just let me know, but keep in mind that many offline wallets do charge a fee if you transfer out of them. A solid google search may be your best bet for transaction fees for offline wallets.

A couple things to consider with Coinpot:
·         Browser mining - You can browser mine any of the above coins directly from Coinpot. It is not required but may speed up your earnings faster if you have another PC or phone/tablet laying around.

·         Anti-Virus - Make sure you have a decent anti-virus installed and enabled, if you are going to browser mine you may need to add a website exception for each of the sites you will be mining such as http://moonbit.co.in/*

·         Network traffic – From time to time Coinpot may be ‘lagging’ and have a service is unavailable error pop up. This is most noticed by their Litecoin site and usually a little bit of patience or a refresh resolves the issue. The same goes for the main site, if you’re having timeouts just wait a few mins or go and claim some more coin until the traffic settles down. (Have not seen this issue recently)

·         You can also exchange coins from one to another within Coinpot. Example would be BCH to Litecoin you can exchange this or others to your coin of choice at current market value, Very helpful if you’re just short of a payout or want to grow one coin balance very rapidly.

·         As with any faucet, cashout as soon as you get the chance. Do not hold large amounts of coin in any faucet period. You’re best to keep it in your wallet or a trusted exchange.

·         Coinpot has been around for some time and is considered to be a trusted legitimate site. I have yet to be denied a payout.

Ok, so you’re off and claiming your coins. Awesome! Now what do you do with them after you hit the payout threshold? This feat is easily achievable time and time again regardless of what coin you choose.The choice is all up to you what to do with them but I want to give you a few ideas/options to maximize your earnings.
You have many options at this point and many different paths you can take, one thing is keeping a diversity. Most of the time the price of your alt coins depends on the price of Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin goes up so do the others. Please keep in mind that just because Bitcoin drops in price does not always mean that others will follow but it seems to be the trend.

Now onto a couple fun sites. I highly suggest that you stay away from any “dice”, “lottery” or any Bitcoin gambling sites out there as they will drain your bankroll faster than you can earn the coin. You have been warned.

So instead let’s get your balance to grow interest! I know such a weird concept but it works and works so well with this next site.

One of the most popular and well respected Bitcoin sites is Freebitco.in. Now they do have a dice game and they also have lotto but it is entirely up to you to play, I’m just giving you fair warning. The cool part about this site is that you can gain interest on your sats. Currently at 4.08% annually compounded! That’s still better than most banks with a savings account. You can also claim every hour as a faucet and be entered into a weekly lottery for a chance to win a ton of satoshi, completely free with no risk. I suggest you check them out and read more on how they safeguard your earnings.

Cointiply (New and recommended site)

This one site has a bunch of ways to earn some coin. Including its own mining game and faucet. I highly suggest you check them out and see what they offer.

This one does not include any interest however it still has the free lotto and is run by the same great team from Freebitco.in. Just stay away from spending your coin on the lotto and stick to the free faucet.

This one is all about XRP (Ripple) it appears they have copied the Freebitco.in site for the most part. Again no interest on your balance and they offer a free weekly lotto and hourly faucet. I have much hopes for this site and have seen a few payouts already, let’s hope they can continue their development.

Neat way to earn some Bitcoins. This is a Google Chrome extension and also has a FireFox plugin. It mines Monero coin and converts to Bitcoin in the background.
You can select how much power you want to use at anytime.
If you always have a browser open this can be a great way to get some extra coin. Also been told that a mobile app is in the works.

FaucetHub.io - Highly recommended (Guide coming soon)
A little more advanced if you’re feeling adventurous. This is an online microwallet with many, many faucets to claim from and a big selection of coins. They also offer surveys and other ways to get coin. The fun part about this site is the chat with many like minded people and owners of various faucet sites. The cool thing about this place is the people, if you’re active in chat others can choose to “rain” coins and some of it may fall on you or someone may just tip you some extra coin for helping answer a question. Definitely check this place out if you have a moment but please do everyone a favor and read the chat rules if you are to chat or the mighty banhammer may fall upon you.

If at all possible stay away from all cloud mining sites as they usually turn out to be a scam. This place is an exception and have been around for a few years with a great reputation and fair contracts. Basically you pay for hash power on a yearly contract. Their power is limited so it is a first come first served basis. Take your daily earnings and transfer to even more hash power! I would suggest you have a look if you have some spare sat.

Things to avoid:
·         Cloud mining – These sites are scams, only a couple are legit. Avoid these sites at all costs, they lure you in by offering free hash power but when you hit the payout limit you have to upgrade first. Most of these sites do not last longer than a few months and by that time have already reaped the coins from people who just want to make money.
·         BitCoin doublers - These are all a scam and should be avoided.
·         Faucets that are always empty – Faucet hub is a good place to see the status of a sites funds. If they are empty or close to being try and find something else for the time being.
·         Extreme amount of ads - Sites that have an annoyingly high amount of ad’s or popups/popunders should be avoided. This could be a sign of the owner trying to get as much as they can before they close the doors. Either way your better off finding a faucet that only has 1 or 2 popups at most instead of wading through countless ads to claim a very small amount of coin.
·         Thinking you’re going to get rich overnight - You only get out what you put in is a safe way to say it when it comes to making money for free.
·         Spamming – You want quality referrals to quality sites, please don’t spam chat rooms, youtube or blogs with non-sense.
Some useful links:
·        blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions – Real time updates of the Bitcoin blockchain and unconfirmed transactions
·        bitinfocharts.com – Current value of many coins including any current transaction fees
·        Poloniex.com – Crypto exchange site. You can use this to generate coin deposit addresses as well.
There you have it, by now you are so waist deep in faucets you need to take a whole day off just to claim them all :)

All these sites are proven and have paid out a number of times. I will edit this guide as time goes on to include tips and tricks, offline wallet fees, online wallets options, exchanges and more faucets.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please drop me a line at Faucethub, you can find me as deansrule.
Doge tips are always appreciated:
Thanks for reading and happy earning!

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